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This is my blog, where I share my thoughts on recent events, global or personal.

Baba Tonka

I wrote this file while ssh-ed through my phone on expired mobile data waiting for contestaions on the Spring Mathematics Competition on 30.03.2024, held in Baba Tonka Mathematics Highschool in Ruse, Bulgaria. We are currently sitting on the floor and talking with my friends. I got less than half of the possible points, which I'm not proud of, bur it's not that bad.

Happy easter!

Happy easter! On this day the Orthodox Christian church celebrates the resurrection of Christ. The festiveties and celebrations have directed my attention to the important things in life. I wish all of you, no matter your faith, good luck out there and a happy easter! - ~gigog27

Happy new year 2023!

Happy new year 2023! I wish anyone reading this a prosperous and successful year. I am writing this mostly to tell the community, that I haven't went inactive, but I just haven't had many ideas recently. I also want to tell you that if someone expected something out of Protocol 24, then I'm sorry because I am abandoning the project (at least for now) and putting it in a new section of my site: Unused Pages. I hope to participate more in the community this year. - ~gigog27

RIP Techno

Yesterday passed away the king of Minecraft - Technoblade. I and so many others are very thankful for all he did for the community and for us - entertainment and otherwise. I would like to quote something about cancer from a tiktok I saw:

When someone with cancer dies, the cancer dies with them:
It's not a loss, it's a draw.
- Someone

Everyone who knew about him is sad. The hypixel lobby's chat is filled with o7's because of him.

Hypixel memorial

Hypixel set up a memorial in their main lobby, which will remain untill the end of July. To access it, go in the main hypixel lobby, then head right and search for an npc, named Memorial Guide. Click it, and it will explain what to do. It will teleport you to a place, where you can write a message, that will be sent to his family. (the message needs to fit onto a page of a Minecraft book)