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.2021-11-17 Moving /home

I did

I'm currently running Ubuntu, I removed gnome and anything associated with it and installed kde-plasma. So, basically I'm running kubuntu. Now with /home on a separate partition I can install arch or probably in my case manjaro. I've had manjaro installed before and really like the distro. Probably I can do arch and go for a cleaner non-bloated install but we'll see.

.2021-10-12 Wee, update

Fuckups and resurrection

So, I installed linux on a stationary computer I have had around for ages to play a little at home with shells, accounts, setting up servers and have my own nextcloud. I did install nextcloud and now I need to get ssh-daemon running there to manage it remotely, fun but I'm a slow learner. Second thing was that I got tired of using git-bash, the windows utility to login here on tilde.club, so I installed linux to dual-boot my laptop. That was exhausting. First my wifi didn't work, because windows turns it off if you dual-boot, finally after some reading, browsing and youtubing I found out how to solve it. I just needed a lan connection and run

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

and I'd be set. The thing was, I don't have a lan port on my laptop. Anyway I found a solution and I'm writing this on said computer. But, my login here? Yup, generated a new key and sent it to hostmaster@tilde.club and they added it to my account. I'm back, yay!

.2021-09-28 New day, new challenges

I have two tilde accounts on different servers and ran into issues.

Can this help me?

.2021-09-27 My own server

So, I have an old computer, stationary. No screen, no keyboard, but it's full of hardware. Yesterday I wiped it and installed Linux. My laptop runs Windows and I'm not ready just yet to ditch it. I figured, if I set up a server of my own I can tinker with my blog, teach myself a little about databases and set up my own cloud. I was thinking nextcloud, so I can remove myself and my content from a few paid services like dropbox and google.

No progress in how I should write a blog script to fit my needs, yet. Thinking of jekyll, another service tracking me...

Jekyll, Nextcloud

.2021-09-23 Weechat logging

Today I trimmed my weechat logs, not much because they're not so big. Howto: cd ~/to/your/weechat/log/directory. Mine is here:


Write this and press enter, wait if you have big log files. The code stripped away all joins/parts/quits, change the --> & <-- for your needs.

for log in *.weechatlog; do sed -i '/-->\|<--/d' "$log"; done

Here's where I found the tip! >>> Jeaye

.2021-09-22 More css

Trying out font colors (originally red) and background colors (originally cocaine white). These blog posts are more documentation for me than entertainment for someone else. However, if you are reading, drop me a mail, link up top.

/* This is a comment in a .css file*/

Todo: framing posts in different colors, tags to show hide posts.

.2021-09-21 Css practice

Made my first attempt with css, straight from w3schools. It looks sucky but that will keep me busy and learning.

I've not read a book in years. It's time to change that. Started re-reading 'The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy' by Douglas Adams. I can't reccomend that book enough.

In the past I consumed a lot of music, new and old. In my home when I grew up we always listened and it's a habit I miss deeply. Yesterday I played Alan Parsons Projects first album 'Tales of Mystery and Imagination - Edgar Allan Poe' and it blew my mind. I'm a huge Pink Floyd fan and you can really hear that Alan (Parsons) was working in the studio with them, a great album. Go, listen!

It's kind of soothing to sit in the terminal, trying out editors, writing html and css. I keep focus on what I'm doing and my mind wont wander off. It's going to be a challenge, bu my goal is to post in the blog daily and work on something behind the scenes. Yesterday I surfed around a little in the tildeverse, checking wikis, found some tutorials which were very helpful. tildeverse.org

.2021-09-20 What I want to learn


I taught myself a little about symlinks today. Do something everyday and I'll eventually learn.
ln -s ~/this/is/target.file ~/heres.link

Comments? Mail me.

.2021-09-19 Premiere

Basic HTML-editing, posting to new directory: /blog.

Doing basics now, like linking between pages, p-tag, br-tag and build up of the document.

Also, got to use chmod back and forth a little. All because i forgot the ~ in the link address.

Some explanation if anyone is curious resides in the source. My index page.

Comments? Mail me.