more about me

I'm interested in many things: drawing, philosophy, math, art, languages, computer science, the internet, music, etc. evidently, I try not to shoehorn myself into one tiny corner, and instead strive to be well-rounded. a less charitable way of putting this is that the breadth of my knowledge far exceeds its depth. in any case, I'm always trying to become a better person by educating myself.

evil plans
let's face it: my impact on this world will probably be pretty small in the long run, unless you consider the butterfly effect. but if I could make a significant change in my life, I'd like to make the world a more beautiful place. specifically in the field I plan to go into (computer science), I want to make things more well-designed and aesthetically pleasing than they were before -- and seeing how much of a toxic, badly designed mess some parts of the cs world are, there's certainly room for improvement.

what are you studying at school?
I haven't declared a major yet, but I'm thinking of doing some pairing of {computer science, chinese, russian, philosophy, math}, either majoring in both subjects, or minoring in one of them and majoring in the other.

yikes,,,,,,, I'm likely suffering from impostor syndrome, but I don't think I've created too many things of worth. some generative art, a really slow toy programming language, and a command-line tool, but that's pretty much it. it might sound like a humblebrag, but I've been programming for several years now, and I've given up on so many projects that I personally don't feel super proud of myself.

*gender voice* what's your gender?
honestly? I couldn't tell you. I don't strongly identify with my assigned gender, but a lot of people don't understand what nonbinary gender/presentation means, and I don't really understand my gender either, so I functionally am my assigned gender in real life. but on the internet, nobody has a physical form, so I can choose my gender as I please. and I choose: {error: gender not found}.

but I want to know more!
I could link to my git repos, reveal what university I'm going to, etc, but I don't want my online identity tied to my real one right now. besides the fact that I'm a little paranoid, I don't want to be doxxed, harassed, or have my professional/academic reputation hurt when people see I spent most of my day posting memes about coffee and dorohedoro.