Here we go

Kill your feeds

This feels weird

I'm not sure what intrigued me about this place but something did. I've been thinking a lot about how to withdraw from the maelstrom of feeds, and social networking surveillance while still remaining engaged with the quieter and more useful parts of the internet. The Dark Forest theory touches on those ideas in a way. For me it evokes a smaller undersea garden, a bubble of relative anonymity that retains a view of the wider, more dangerous ocean where the monster leviathans scoop up everything in their path. Something about quietly mumbling to myself, using tools and techniques from a long time ago fits neatly into that analogy for me.

So for the time being I'll use this space for just that, mumbling. And in order to mumble I'll need to dig through the chest of ancient tools, and arcane languages, but that process fits with the analogy too.

That's all for today

This is what's in my ears

I'm gonna dust off some un-ordered list skills, so make some room. Here's a list of my current podcast habit in no particular order:

I tune this list regularly to keep it from atrophying. There are several evergreens though. I'll never tire of In Our Time, and the same goes for Reply All, and The Memory palace, but the rest of the list gets tweaked every few months when I find myself willfully skipping a title or two. When that happens I'll sideline those titles and audition a few new ones.


I went back and added href's to the podcast list because it's the right thing to do. I didn't bother when I first put them up because, well I didn't fucking feel like doing the work. So now its done.

That was't a challenge, it was more of a pain in th eass. The next thing I want to do is a bit more of a challenge. I want to add some style to this page and that meanms I'll need to figure a couple things out. I know my way around css well enough to do the actual styling, but I'm going to need to learn a few things about how to actually apply it. I'd like to do it all in an external style sheet but that means I'll need to learn how to make a style sheet and then put it into a place and link to it all using the terminal. Now that will be a challenge.

Wish me luck


Well it's not exactly what I was initially going for, but I did get some style up in here. It's just some styling in the head but it's something. It will at least give the page a small amount of order. I feel like I kno just enough to make myself a little dumber. There are these weird vestigial remnants of original misundertandings that I keep needing to prune and re-grow. It's like I understood a lot of the basic concepts behind html/css, but they were all muddied by a lack of real knowledge. The curse of the Jack of All Trades is in fact that he is Master of None. It comes from what might be a useful trait: The ability to grasp things quickly. Unfortunately that usefulness is often hobbled by an atrophied ability to stick with something for very long. Calling someone a JOATMON is realy more of a polite way to point out that someone suffers from an attention deficit disorder. Its a pretty reliable indicator of someone who is quick to learn something new, but also quick to tire of it and move on to something else. I think I'm pretty clearly that thing.