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Hello world!

December 02, 2022 — ~jwithy

I’m excited to be here after admiring from afar all the way back when it launched! In fact, I actually had an account on a different tilde instance at some point; I might have to dig out my old computer and see if I can find a bookmark to it or something.

I’m blown away by the tools here, and also really excited about the weird things t’s already helping me learn about; as a front-end dev who came to the field late, it’s quite cool to see old tech that feels new again. :-)

And the other thing? I’m using a bluetooth keyboard to write this on an iPad of all things! An ssh app and all! What a world!

Anyway, writing again is exciting. Having a fun place like this to put it all is also exciting. I hope it sticks!

tags: first-post, hello-world, YAY-writing