08 december 2022

Taking the afternoon off for resting purposes. Glad it's a thing I'm allowed to do! Now, to allow my self to actually do it....

07 december 2022

It's kinda been a time lately, so I decided today I just needed to let my guard down and take care of myself.

Tonight, that meant down time with the cat, watching the first three episodes of Andor.

I'm s bit tipsy...but also happy, and glad.

02 december 2022

My first feels. I wonder if this will stick? I'm using an ssh app on my iPad of all things in order to write this -- how bout that?

I like the idea of using this as a short short short lil diary. Gratitudes, perhaps? But couldn't keep myself from saying more in my first one. :-)


Just wrote my first bashblog-enabled post, and a draft of another one. Truly loving this weird thing.

...and kinda losing my mind realizing that this is how so many other computing-based things work -- there are just more layers of abstraction on top. 🤯