26 august 2023

on thoughts

Inception is one of my favorite films. I usually watch it maybe once or twice a year. I find the themes of letting go and ideas to be quite appealing to revisit every now and then. Over the years as I've grown and gained a little bit of wisdom, I realized something about ideas and thoughts in general.

Our thoughts shape our realities, our ideas lay the foundations of our habits which then in turn create our lives. In the film its explored how an idea can go about to change the very foundation of who you are as a person, and I think there is very much truth to that idea.

I used to scroll social media quite a bit, especially during the 2020 pandemic and all that. I realized quickly that it wasnt very good for me. Nothing on social media is very real, people post idealized versions of thier lives, and the world gets distorted by algorithms and fake likes. I replaced social media with a healthier habit, I should say I suplemented, because I still browse the ashes of Twitter and check DM's on instagram and such. I started looking into stoic philiosphy and researching the ideas there.

After some other dramatic life events and reading Marcus Aurelius's meditations, I started focusing on my health more, my mind and body, as well as my real relationships with people in real life. That's not to say I neglected them, but I realized just how useless the song and dance of social media is. It is much more fruitful and fulfilling I've found just focusing on real life and the moment in fromt of you.

I essentially performed an inception on myself, by altering my thoughts and the media I consumed for a more positive outlook. In turn that let me focus on good habits that laid the foundation of what I'm working towards today. So be careful friends, what you read and see affects you whether you realize it or not.

04 august 2023

I've started watching one piece about two or three weeks ago, I've been flying a lot recently so I've been catching up on it while on the plane. It's quite a good anime, and I've never really watched anime in the past so I figured I'd might as well start with one of the best.

Problem is that it's around 1170 episodes deep right now, I did the math and in order to catch up in a year I would have to watch roughly 3.2 episodes a day. I watch media very sporadically so I doubt I'll be close to done within a year.

Only media I watch every day is youtube really. I like youtube because it's mostly individual creators who make good work.

23 july 2023

Impressions of tilde.club

I very much like this place so far, its quite fun to play around with and look at what everyone has been building. I recently started a plant in botany and look forward to playith whith that more. If you guys have any reccomendations of other things to do on the tildeverse, please send me an email. Or if you have any reccomendations for my webpage.

I've only been here a couple of days and I never really used unix in a shared environment before, so I'm looking forward to learning and experiencing this all first hand. I want to add more links to my webpage, just trying to think of the cool websites I've seen to add.

Look forward to exploring more!