03 september 2023

I finally got time to fly again on the flightsim, but the whole time went in preparing a flightplan. I wanted to do a simple route this time just to keep things simple but the flightplan from Vatstar wouldn't translate easily into X-Plane and I struggled with it. I usually create the flight plan with a tool called LittleNavMap, but I don't know why its plans were not loading correctly in X-plane. I realized finally that I could easily create the plan on the FMC itself, stupid me! Too late though, after a takeoff and climb, I abandoned my flight because I was out of time. Anyways, the route was from Bangalore(VOBL) to Chennai(VOMM) and the route is VOBL -> TULNA5(SID) -> TULNA -> BACOM(ILS25/STAR) -> VOMM.

21 august 2023

I like flying routes that don't exist on X-plane. My favorite so far is the route from ZUNZ, Nyingchi Mainling, CHina to VEMN, Dibrugarh India. Taking off from this airport is challenging because you have to navigate between himalayan moutain peaks as you climb. I rarely manage to takeoff without atleast one "terrain" warning from the plane, but its fun to navigate with a nice view of a lake almost at the top of the highest mountain in the route which you fly over just before you reach the top of the climb.

19 august 2023

My 2nd day at tilde.club

I suppose I've always been a natural fit for text-based interfaces. My brain doesn't process images, videos and clutter well, leaving me with intense emotions that usually cause an overload.

Reading text is so refreshing and leaves my mind cool and calm.

I think I've spent a whole 6 hours now, just reading gopher, gemini and just sitting here, on an ssh server, looking at all the interesting things that are possible with just an ssh.

It just took me back to the days when internet was simple and fun, filled with real people with real thoughts and feelings.

I see myself spending more and more time here. I'll do it by exploring, discussing and building tools that enable me to spend more time here.

Hopefully that makes text worth more than a thousand words :)

So a big Hello to everyone here! Looking forward to meeting more like-minded people and enjoying a quiet time with everyone! :)