The Future Is Then

A year later, it is fall again. How fortuitous? While I find some cider, you can entertain yourself with some Chickn Facts or this list of Things Metafilter Considers A Land Of Contrast(s) or maybe follow @giphycouldnot. You may also use my personal Hunting homepage, if you'd like some puzzle solving aides. I'm working on putting together some nice molecular biology links for bookmarking purposes.

palaver (n): a long conference between parties of differing culture or background.

annular (adj): ring or disk-shaped. In an annular solar eclipse, the moon is too far away to completely block the sun and a ring (or annulus) is left around it, whereas during a total solar eclipse, the sun is fully covered by the moon's shadow.
asseveration (n): emphatic or earnest declaration or affirmation.
balila(h) (n): Jordanian dish consisting of chickpeas, garlic, cumin, and olive oil. Used in msabbaha/mashausha/masabacha hummus.
cadge (v): to ask for something one is not strictly entitled to, to beg, to mooch, to wrangle.
calque (n): a word or phrase borrowed from one language to another by word-for-word translation. (Example: the English 'mansplain' becomes the French mecspliquer, the German herrklären, the Icelandic hrútskýra, and the Hebrew להסגביר)
carceral (adj): Of, pertaining to, or suggestive of a jail or prison.
champerty (n): Financial (or reputational) sponsorship of a lawsuit in order to profit from the disputed property. Also known as litigation finance. (See also Gawker.)
congeries (n): a disorderly collection, a jumble. See also my life.
corrigendum (n): thing to be corrected, usually in print. Erratum.
curr (v): to make a murmuring sound, as a dove, cat, or owlet.
diktat (n): decree or penalty imposed by authority on a defeated party (or nation) without popular consent (from German, originating in World War I, popularized during Cold War).
escarpment (n): a steep cliff formed by faultlines and erosion separating two relatively level areas (see Niagra Escarpment)
exiguous (adj): very small in size or amount, excessively scanty
farcical (adj): resembling a farce. Synonyms include ridiculous, preposterous, ludicrous, absurd, laughable, risible, nonsensical, silly, foolish, stupid, harebrained, crazy, daft.
fimbulwinter (n): (fimbulvetr) the harsh winter ending all life on earth that precedes Ragnarok in Norse mythology.
forbearance (n, financial): agreement between a loan or morgage lender to delay foreclosure due to temporary financial difficulties of the borrower.
friable (adj): easily crumbled or crushed to powder.
graupel (n): soft hail or snow pellets formed when supercooled droplets of water freeze onto a falling snowflake.
humbug (n): a geometric shape made from a cylinder cut in two opposite directions
intinction (n): the act of dipping bread in wine at Communion before eating it
jabot (n): ornamental ruffle, usually lace, wore on neckband or collar of shirt. Often worn by judges as seen here
jitney (n): a small bus or car following a fixed route
junco (n): a North American songbird sparrow. Males sometimes look like they have been dipped in ink.
junket (n): 1. promotional trip made by a public figure at another's expense. 2. sweet, custardlike dessert made with milk curds and often served with fruit.
lagniappe (n): Cajun, "a little extra something" given as a bonus or gift with purchase.
landrace (n): a locally adapted vareity of a domesticated species developed outside of purposeful breeding.
lodestar (n): one that serves as a model or guide. Originally referred to a fixed star (such as Polaris) used to guide a ship.
lunation (n): lunar month, time between full moons, 29.272-29.833 days.
occult (v): to cut off from view by passing in front of something. In astronomy, a planet may occult a star.
peroration (n): concluding part of a speech, intended to remind the audience of the main points of the speech and to inspire an emotional response.
rundle (n): rung or step of a ladder.
sparge (v): to spray or sprinkle. In brewing, refers to the rinsing of grain after mashing to extract wort.
sciuroid (adj): resembling a squirrel.
supine (adj): facing upwards, as in lying on one's back or palm up.
ucalegon (n): a neighbor whose house is on fire.
weir (n): a low (or underwater) dam across a river meant to regulate flow; sometimes made of stakes for trapping fish.
zymurgy (n): the practice or study of the biochemical processes of fermentation with regards to brewing or distilling alcohol. Also known as zymology.

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