How to use

Using this wiki, this digital garden, this exobrain if you will, is fairly simple. Click on the links, write down stuff, and profit! A more detailed guide follows.

Add a description at the start

A small description, even one of a few words, tends to help quite a bit to summarize the content. This is helpful if you need a quick overview of the contents, and you don't have much time.

Use backlinks

Backlinks help you show connections between notes, and also help with organization. The pretty graph is also a bonus.

Try not to make too many levels of links

Compare these two link structures:

Readme -> School -> Science -> Year 9 -> Biology -> Plants Readme -> School -> Science -> Plants

Which one seems easier to navigate to? If you picked the first one, you're stupid. If you picked the second one, you're correct! You may try to make lots of links in the name of organization, but sometimes, less is more.

Author: Matei Cotocel

Created: 2021-11-13 Sat 19:33