Types of note taking


Lecture-like, no organization

This is a note. It is a linear note. It is like a lecture.


Bullet points within bullet points

- This is a note
 - It is an outline note
  - It is like bullet points within bullet points


Short sentences, similar to linear notes

This is a note.

It is a sentence note

It is similar to linear notes


Like a mind map

                       This is a note

It is a chart note <---| Chart notes |---> It is like a mind map


Many linked notes, essentially what I'm doing now

Note 1:

This is note 1. It is connected to [[note 2]]

Note 2:

I am connected to note 1

Note 3:

I am connecting to [[note 1]], but not the other

Author: Matei Cotocel

Created: 2021-11-13 Sat 19:39