How To Zoom/Unzoom XFCE Desktop
Alt + Scrollwheel (Or two-finger scroll, if using a trackpad)
How to make ffplay exit after it finishes playing a file
(Using the -t option causes ffplay to hang.) ffplay -autoexit -t 10 my-audio-file.flac
How To Preserve Metadata When Converting Files with ffmpeg
ffmpeg -i my-audio-file.flac -movflags use_metadata_tags my-audio-file.m4a References Jerry Tian's answer on "How to prevent ffmpeg from dropping metadata?"
How to Normalize Audio Loudness with ffmpeg
These commands will normalize the audio in two passes. For a target of -14 LUFS, LRA of 3.6 and true peak of -2db: ffmpeg -i my-audio-file.flac -af loudnorm=I=-13:LRA=7:tp=-0.2:print_format=json -f null - and then ` References / Further Reading …
Determine LUFS of audio file with ffmpeg
How to use ffmpeg to analyze an audio file and determine its loudness on the 'Loudness Unit Full Scale'.

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