Hi, this is Abhishek Kumar

I am a Software Developer and also a Web Developer.

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Abhishek Kumar
web / software developer


I am a web and a software developer available for freelance or for a permanent hire. My past experiences with coding websites and applications are strong and clean. If you are hiring people like me then don't hesitate to contact me.

Personal Information

About Me: Software Developer,Web Developer

Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Listening Music

Education: Software Engineering

Software Dev Skills: C, C++,VB.NET, C++ QT, Java, SQL

Software Dev Tools used: GDB, CI (Travis CI), GIT, Visual Studio, VIM

Front End Web Dev Skills: CSS3/CSS, HTML/HTML5, JavaScript, Less

Web Dev Assets Used: JQuery, BootStrap, Font Awesome, Glypihcons

Web Dev Tools Used: Gulp, Grunt, Yeoman, Babel

Backend Web Dev Skills: Node.js, SQL, PHP, JSP

Databases Used: MySQL, SQLite

Digital Marketing Skills: SEO

Development Skills

85% Complete HTML / HTML5: Advanced
70% Complete CSS3/ CSS: Intermediate to Advanced
60% Complete JavaScript: Intermediate
85% Complete C: Advanced
55% Complete C++: Intermediate
50% Complete VB.NET: Beginner to Intermediate
35% Complete SQL: Beginner
65% Complete JQuery: Intermediate
65% Complete C++ QT: Beginner to Intermediate
70% Complete PHP: Intermediate
20% Complete JSP: Novice


Developed Hours


Finished Projects


Cups of Coffee


Satisfied customers


HTML5/CSS3 Coding

Providing HTML5 and CSS/CSS3 coding. Whether to extend an existing design of a website or want a brand new custom template for your website, you could get these services from me.

Application Development

Offering Desktop Application development. Want cross-patform desktop application for your business, research or for personal use ? Get it done through C++ and QT 4.

Optimized And Fast Code

All codes made during development are optimized for performance in the end before being shipped. Rest assured server crashes and laggy applications on slow systems are a thing of the past. Applications are even tested over Raspberry Pi 2 if needed.

Extended Support

All products have an extended support for minor changes, debugging, and upgrades till 3 months or till whatever date it is agreed upon.