My Dear Diary

beastie, what happened out there?


On my previous post about beastie, I wrote my experience with OpenBSD on So far my experience is awesome. Everything works as expected, with small glitch about sdf file server.

The problem(s) encountered on beastie

When writing text file with vim, at the point when I want to save my editing session, I got fsync related error. So as a workaround, I append a line to my ~/.vimrc

set nofsync

Another error occured: during my session on mutt, the email client is not able to send emails. After some investigation, I found that this error is caused by tmpdir which was set to ~/.mutt/tmp, which is a folder mounted inside sdf filesystem cluster. So, I removed tmpdir variable and the error is gone.

Can't enter beastie anymore

Now, the real problem begins. Currently, I am unable to log into beastie since the server rejected my ssh key. Fortunately, sdf is more than one host so I can use another hosts to access

Now on which hosts my website.

      _____       mydeardiary@rie
    \-     -/     ---------------
 \_/         \    OS: NetBSD 9.1 amd64
 |        O O |   Uptime: 6 days, 22 hours, 48 mins
 |_  <   )  3 )   Shell: mksh R59 2020/05/16
 / \         /    Terminal: /dev/pts/5
    /-_____-\     CPU: Intel 686-class (8)
                  Memory: 3511MiB / 16382MiB

beastie, it's been good time till now

Well, it's regrettable that I couldn't log into beastie. I hope things will be fixed later.

The beastie is no more. Long life beastie!