My Dear Diary

OpenBSD Shell Access on SDF

Originally posted on my gopher site.

When I opened my email on some forgotten time, I got an invitation to try a shiny new host with sdf features but built with a different os.

The hostname is

It has different ssh public key than and I can't get password authentication to work.

Fortunately, public key authentication is working. Just a little addition to ~/.ssh/config to add with my username and I was able to login into beastie.

Well, what is different from

First: the os.

beastie runs OpenBSD instead of NetBSD

Second: programs installed.

Fewer programs are installed, but the list is growing as needed. Missing programs can be requested via bboard.

Third: ssh host key

A new host key prompt should be triggered during first ssh login and will be saved for next ssh access.

Ok. My experience with beastie has been so awesome. Here is a bonus: neofetch output from beastie as of Tue Feb 8 10:13:05 UTC 2022

OS: OpenBSD 7.0 amd64 
Host: Supermicro X7DBT 
Uptime: 97 days, 16 hours, 29 mins 
Packages: 189 (pkg_info) 
Shell: mksh R59 2020/10/31 
Terminal: /dev/ttypc 
CPU: Intel Xeon X5460 (8/8, SMT off) @ 3.159GHz 
Memory: 272MiB / 16367MiB