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About Me

Hey Everybody!

I'm Ben Terry, going by the moniker "NeonAce" here on tilde.club. I also have a personal site at Dreamcloud Academy where I play with web tech and keep my own personal "Cloud" and collaborate with friends, etc. I'm from Carson City, Michigan and I work in I.T. at a hospital for a living. For entertainment I play role-playing games and enjoy playing music, mostly on guitar. My plan for my web space here is to just relish having it be a personal web page where I post things related to my interests and experiment a bit with using HTML. Even though I work in I.T., I don't have a lot of web coding experience and I'm totally a "Look up examples and copy them" level operator on that front. I look forward to checking out what everyone is doing.

To Dos

- Make some MC-505 Patterns
- Move Analysis for Rising Forces
- Dishes
- Bedroom
- Study

October 6th, 2019: Toto Survival

Work was busy but OK this week. On Thursdays I do a trivia night at this tavern in Ithaca with some friends. We took first this week, which is fun. Same friends decided they wanted to see Toto up to the local casino, so I went with them and watched 'em tonight. It was decent, but not a top concert experience. Something about a casino as a venue is just very "not rock and roll" to me. I just think of casinos as a place for retired people to throw away their money. Just being in a casino gives me this vibe of malaise. Maybe that makes me weird. It's like the idea of a strip club. A place that caters to some kind of desire or drive, but is just ultimately empty or something like that. Anyways, this is me updating my site! Vibe aside, I did actually enjoy my weekend. Another thing I did was watch the Homecoming football game at my high school. First time I've done that in... 26 years (when I was in high school band)? Basically, I have a nephew that plays on the team, and I didn't do the normal role playing thing up in Mt. Pleasant this Friday, so I figured, "Why not?" It's an interesting chance to spot some people from back in the day, or just people from the community or whatever. You listen to the band play "Enter Sandman" and "Radar Love" and think about if the band is as good as when you were in it. Just observe the social interaction of it all, remember the weirdness of your own high school days & everything. Also, my parents and brother weren't expecting me at all, so it was this surprise family hang out kind of moment, which was also a cool thing. I totally dressed well for the 40-something degree weather. 'till next time!

October 1st, 2019: Recent Happenings

My week of "double workload" is underway and I'm surviving so far. I'm now responsible for a region that runs from Saranac in the West to Owosso in the East, St. Johns in the North and DeWitt in the South, so a lot of territory. Recently I acquired an old drum machine, a Boss DR-550mkII, and I like how it works. Back in the day I used to have a mkI of the same model, and it's a real easy to use drum machine that's quiet and has solid sounds. I've also started to fiddle more with my SP-555 sampler, being inspired by SP-404 tutorials and jams on YouTube. Like, it might be a fun vibe to lay down some "Boom Bap" style hip hop grooves with it, and record in bass and guitar loops directly through my Kemper, for a weird kind of hip-hop meets dream pop workflow. It's all theoretical until I lay some stuff down though. My habits are that I play my guitar more than anything, and even churn out parts (that may or may not get captured or remembered), but then to barely use my electronic gear, but I've been better lately. I dunno, just chatting. It's been basically a week since I've posted and I want to keep up the habit a bit, for a couple reasons. One is that I know these kinds of endeavors, like tilde.club, start with a lot of enthusiasm but realistically end in a lot of empty "I'm gonna put something here" pages that people abaondon. I don't want to contribute to that, or be that guy. Also, personally, it's just to try to form a habit, and maybe through that pick up a bit more web coding knowledge. Like, mostly due to role playing with friends I've gotten a certain level of skill with layout, fonts, photoshop style image manipulation, etc. Those are fun skills to have and play with. You just need an excuse and it happens. I'm trying to make this page my excuse to keep up a bit on some computer skills in the web side of things.

September 24th, 2019: Workin'

I guess my Sunday was pretty lazy. Did dishes and a bit of house clean-up. Monday I decided to stop by the parents' place to pay a visit. Turns out my Mom was on a flight out to Las Vegas for a medical conference of some type & she'll be gone until Friday. So, I ended up visiting with my Dad, we had home made ice cream & he put Deadpool 2 in. I hadn't seen it. I liked it. Today I learned that starting next week my workload will double. That ain't great. We'll see how it goes. Thus endeth my most boring of old school blog posts! Keep on keepin' on out there!

September 21th, 2019: Ad Astra & CD Shopping

I tried to convince myself I wanted to go see "Rambo: Last Blood" today, but "Old Rambo kills a bunch of Mexicans on his ranch" just wasn't doing it for me. I think I'd rather play Contra on an NES emulator & call it good on that front. Instead I decided to go watch "Ad Astra", a Brad Pitt space flick. It was a little abstract, subdued, meditative. Kinda seemed to be about male flavored unhealthy sacrifice & obsession, emotional distance. Not sure it was great, but I was digging the mood it put me in anyways. The other thing I did was some CD shopping. There is this shop up in Mt. Pleasant that has tons of old media (like, buy Atari games level old!), and I'm still a sucker for physical media. I know about a month back they said they'd recently acquired a ton of new CDs, so I went in and went over them. What did I pick up? Well, you probably don't care, but I'm gonna say anyways! It's a combinations of things that are somewhat "fill out my library with generic hits" and others are "I think I dig this and wanna dig deeper." Without further ado:

  • The B-52's: Wild Planet
  • The Beatles: Magical Mystery Tour
  • The Beatles: Revolver
  • Black Sabbath: Paranoid
  • Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
  • Elastica: (self-titled)
  • Eurythmics: Greatest Hits
  • Foo Fighters: The Color and the Shape
  • Foreigner: Records
  • Peter Gabriel: Security (umm, the one with "Shock the Monkey" on it)
  • John Denver: The Very Best Of
  • Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse
  • The Who: Who's Better, Who's Best

September 20th, 2019: Rainbows & Reylo

I totally stole a bit of CSS to make text on my page cycle through some colors, just for dumb kicks. For now I just have it running on the title of my page at the top. Tonight I'll be role-playing with some friends up in Mt. Pleasant, and I'm just generally looking forward to the weekend. As for internet silliness I'm enjoying today, it's this Auralnauts Kylo Ren track. They do these "Kylo Ren Reacts" videos that are fun. In his last video he said he'd be "dropping a track for my bae", and, well, so he did!

September 19th, 2019: Scuttlebutt & Tildeverse

What have I explored since yesterday? Well, I did check in to all of the services found at TildeVerse, which is quite an impressive array. Also, based on a mail in the mailing list, I've decided to check out Scuttlebutt, which is some kind of distributed social network thing. I've connected to a couple pubs and typed a couple things there. I'll see if I pick up the thread of any kind of conversation. If you're curious about it, I'd recommend stopping in to Scuttlebutt.nz to watch the video and get the down-low. If you decide to check it out, I think you can find me by looking for: @UOR1ubZfHVl2o9qDpRpgEnJt1J82FbBFuWfhVPPB2sE=.ed25519 . Yeah, definitely a copy/paste kind of thing. Anyways, have fun in your exploration & experimenting!

September 18th, 2019: More HTML Play & SSI!

Today I played around with some more things I'd never played with before. The main thing is that I fiddled around with "Server Side Includes", which, among other things, let you break up your pages into separate files, then when your main page is opened, it includes instructions to also copy in other files in line to fully flesh out the page however you'd like. So far, I've basically just used it to make it so the surroundings of my page stay the same and the content here in the lower right corner of my page can change without me needing to type all the surrounding bits in for each page. I also used it for the little "You accessed this page on [Day/Time]" message just below the header picture. I know a lot of this stuff is probably considered pretty basic, but I've never used it before. So, in some small way it is learning!

Hope everyone is having fun playing around with their sites a bit. Catch you all later!

September 17th, 2019: Layout & More.

So yesterday, after a many years wait, I finally got my account and logged into tilde.club around 9am. I've tossed up this and that so the place doesn't look too empty. I'm playing around doing layout with tables, which is the "no-no" way, but you can't stop me!

September 16th, 2019: New Site, New (Random) Content!

Here is a picture of me playing some rock'n'roll. I was in a band with my friends Chris and Joe. Still jam and play with Chris. Back in these times we were playing songs Chris had wrote under the name "Remote Viewing Society." It was a good time, and we need to get off our asses and making something fresh, because... you know. Why not?

Here is a picture of the cover of a fan RPG project I did. Here is a link where you can download the PDF, but this is a fan-created 20th Anniversary version of White Wolf's "Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game", a game I played the hell out of back from about 1994 to... I dunno, 2004 or so?

I also love "Groove Boxes", Samplers, & Drum Machines. Here are a few I have in my collection!

Roland MC-505

The successor to the MC-303, this thing came out in the late '90s. It was apparently used by both Peaches and M.I.A.

Roland TR-707

The TR-707 doesn't get the glory the 808 or 909 do, but I like it quite a bit anyways. This thing came out in 1985 I think, and it's really good for getting that "Synthwave" sound. A couple tracks people know from back in the day that it was used on include "Need You Tonight" by INXS and "Sweet Freedom" by Michael McDonald. I've also heard that it was used on "Midnight City" by M83.

Roland SP-555

This sampler is one of the less common ones in the line that includes the semi-famous SP-404, which continues to be a popular tool for low-fi hip hop production. The SP-404 was used by Madlib and a bit by J Dilla I hear. The SP-555 has a similar workflow, but the effects are a bit different, etc.

Korg EMX-1

I probably would have been served better by the ESX-1, but I do like some of the drum samples this one has. For example, it has solid LinnDrum sounds in there, so you can sound like Prince, or any of a million awesome LinnDrum grooves from the '80s. Also, while a sampler really is the way to go for this, I like some of the chopped Jungle/Drum & Bass hits they have in this thing. The way you can mute & unmute the parts makes it kinda performance friendly too.

Boss DR-5

I originally had this bad boy back when it came out around 1996. Probably considered a cheap piece of gear by most, I remember composing some silly tracks with this thing back then. I liked the customizability of the drum kits, and the guitar style layout on the face of it made it easy to lay down bass lines or chords to sketch things out. It had a drum track and 3 other tracks you could use for whatever. The instrument sounds are not great, but they were OK. No problem with the drums though, so I still consider it a legit drum machine at the very least.

I may want to read: How to ~tilde; a n00b's primer for help.

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