Meanwhile, back at the reactcave...

person's legs under complicated wiring with caption It All Works


I'm using Liftoff to power this blog! I posted a quick, possibly unhelpful summary of Liftoff on my other weblog when it originally lifted off back in April. I thought it would be fun to adapt it into a blogging system.

I use AirTable for some general life maintenance and I think it works pretty well. I also have some neat IFTTT rules that send various social datums to AirTable tables. I feel like there could be some neat ways to automate posts with a setup like this. It's also a good chance for me to work with an existing React application and think in that style.

So thanks new tilde.club for pushing me to try something new. And thanks to Postlight for sharing code. So many things on my to-do and to-fix list for this:

  • tilderoll
  • other media types
  • better iOS workflow
  • better grid-based layout
  • archives, tagging
  • build & deploy without human intervention
  • rss feed

Maybe using a development framework is against the hand-coded spirit of tilde.club but I don't think it's that different from using an early weblog tool like Blosxom. That's what I did during the first incarnation of tilde.club. These modern tools are more complex because Node pulls in so much supporting code, but is it that different from CPAN? The mental model of how things work is the same: you end up with static HTML that can live on a server.

I make it sound so fun!