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Tilde focused on retrocomputing, Hombrew Computing, technology in general, and whatever else you like

E-mail or with the desired username and public ssh key.
tilde works: is a clone of Tilde Club. It provides a Unix shell, IRC, a public HTML page and fond memories of .plan files and the finger protocol.

Preferred: Use the Signup Form. Otherwise email james with a desired username and SSH key.
cybyte club:

A place to kick back, sling webz, ride the command line, and build what you want code cowboy/girl/person/whatever.

Signup Form

RIOTGIRL.CLUB is a community and space for learning, being yourself, and making cool shit for the Web. The Internet can be a *shitty* and *depressing* place. RIOTGIRL.CLUB seeks to be the opposite, a techno-utopia that we all hoped that the Internet would be. We’re pro-girl. NOT anti-boy! So, everyone is welcome to join. Everyone except JERKS.

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totally nuclear club: is a simple linux server connected to the internet. It can be used to experiment with the unix shell, host web pages and interact with a community of people interested in doing the same.

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german tilde:

German-language tilde server.

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rudimentary lathe:

To offer a place for people to discover (or rediscover) the experience of communication and creation via the fun, powerful yet rudimentary tools offered within a simple UNIX terminal.

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RetroNET is meant to be a throwback to the university UNIX systems I used in the early 90s. It takes direct inspiration from the "crux" computer systems at Cornell University, and has a focus on software development. We provide a UNIX software development environment, C, perl, python, ruby, lisp, scheme, and other tools. Users can host web sites, and both SSI and CGI are available for users.

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A community that lives on a server.

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The goal for the tilde box is going to be a kind of a fun community for learning and exploring the Linux CLI and wax nostalgic 90s style web page creation. I'm up for any IRC/news group/MUD interconnections.

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Scary Spooky Scary: is an open access server inspired by which provides a community space for linux projects and curious people.

email ~spiff at with your desired username to get started!

tilde red: is the most red HTML and js experimenting place you can find on the web. you can code while interacting with a nice community which does the same.

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Los Angeles Unix Experimentation Server:

Basically, an UNIX server on the internet. We currently run Debian 7.0 x64, Apache 2.2, PHP (didn't find many Tilde clones with it!), a public IRC server and a local mail server.

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The first IPv6 only Public Access UNIX System. Located in Amsterdam, runs IRC and NNTP from other tildes, and aims to be a space for IPv6 novices and enthusiasts.

Signup Form (preferred). Contact ~imt if you need further assistance.
Noise & Signal:

This is a place for podcasters, adventurers, geeks, nerds, and generally cool people (like you!).

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OldBSD.CLUB is a collection of retro BSDs and Unices. The first,, is running 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0c

Send an email to b4@[at]gewt[dot]net with: Username, GECOS field, contact email, short bio. Put "OldBSD" in the Subject: line!!!

hypertext website: is a place for people to learn about UNIX shells and to engage in general whimsy. Cat pictures and non sequiturs are encouraged. The operator's primary interests are programming languages, computer security, and especially audio and synthesizer programming.

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tilde city: http://tilde.cityEmail with your desired username and public ssh key.
tilde center:

A inspired server powered by FreeBSD

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yesterhost: is a shared Linux system based on UNIX shell hosting accounts of yesteryear. We offer simple secure shell (SSH) and web hosting for now, and who knows what's to come.

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drawbridge club:

The mission of (also known as dbc) is to provide a fun, respectful place on the internet for people from all walks of life to experience being netizens on a shared server while learning about UNIX and web technologies.

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tilde camp: with a desired username and an ssh public key.
tilde farm:

The mission of is to promote the experience of multi-user computing in an unstable and confusing environment. In pursuit of this goal, runs Gentoo Linux. To provide a resonable semblance of sanity to this endeavor, we use Puppet for configuration management.

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matilde club:

A Danish/English tilde club.

Signup form is on the front page.
sunburnt country:

tilde server based in Australia, to avoid American lag.

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bleepbloop club:
catbeard city:

"I hope that I am surprised by what this turns into, and that it will create positive outcomes in the world. More weird content (and cat pictures) on the internet can't be a bad thing. The admins so far (~dd and ~mrmondo) are based in Australia, the VPS is in The Netherlands because it sounded fun."