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Mon, 10 Jul 2023

What to do?

I've got a deadline to spend money on a new PC. A nice problem to have, by the way.

I've typically gotten by with older hardware and gotten a lot of life out of it (10+ years out of a Dell Precision Workstation T3400, 5+ years out of my current Dell Inspiron 3847 desktop) but I'm looking to make a leap with the next desktop system I buy.

I've had SATA-3 SSDs in my desktops for some time, I'm looking for a desktop with NVMe storage - I think they'll be useful for longer than sticking with SATA. TPM would be nice, as Windows 11 will require it.

My current system has a 4th generation i7, it seems that newer i5s will run circles around it. I still would like an i7 at least.

A tower PC case makes more sense - trying to cram another drive into a SFF case is a pain, and I'm always worried about cooling and airflow.

The Dell 7080 looks like a good choice, renewed, they're inexpensive - they can take a lot of memory and support NVNMe.

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