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Thu, 07 Dec 2023

Back to Photography

Does anyone miss photography? With an actual camera? I burned through a *lot* of film in the early 2000s, and complemented film with shooting on early digicams. I'd say I shot more photos with a camera phone, but those photos were less creative, less planned, and less thought out.

I miss that sense of combining the surroundings with my vision that cameraphones don't seem to capture.

I have a handful of decent digicams from the mid 2000s, a DSLR that currently has a lens focus issue, and 2 prosumer cameras. I'm planning on taking one with me when I go out. The problem is, I need to look harder for subjects. My best photography days happened when I was working in San Francisco; it's a subject-rich environment, from candid people shots to geometric architecture, street abstracts and urban decay are all within a 30 minute lunch walk.

My photography is available at www.kataan.org if anyone's interested.

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