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Fri, 26 Jan 2024


I took a quiet afternoon alone recently to do some homelab housecleaning. Breaking one of my primary rules of homelabbing (don't replace it if it ain't broke) I replaced an 8 port gigabit ethernet switch (saved from a dumpster at work when it wouldn't support 802.1x) with a smart switch that supports VLANs (on sale for 40% off).

Put my Linksys router back in place, running OpenWRT. My plan is to set up a VLAN for a guest/IoT network, a separate VLAN for PCs and media servers and another VLAN for my test Windows network.

After setting all this up, out came the canned air. My NAS sucks in dust like no one's business, so I took it offline, took the drives out and blasted the dust out of it. It's much quieter now.

Then, I replaced my hodgepodge of network cables, all different colors and all too long, with shorter black cables for the lab and color coded cables for uplink to my switches.

Took the back off of my "server", a Lenovo Thinkpad. Replaced the thermal paste and blew the dust out.

After all that, my UPS started beeping and flashing a REPLACE BATTERY warning. Got a new battery in a couple of days later, and APC has a battery recycling program, which means one less dead hardware item lying around.

For a sysadmin, this was a relaxing day.

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