Hello! Welcome to my website. I'm rndusr, and I enjoy playing with unix-like systems and developing and using minimal programs. I'm currently endevouring to learn more about the C programming language and low level concepts.

My computer setup consists of a Thinkpad x220 and a crappy Asus laptop. I use vim as my main text editor and vimb as my web browser. In addition, I use a modded st and dmenu. I also use sowm, a minimal window manager.

Should you wish to contact me, I'm avilable on the tilde.chat network as "randomuser" or "rndusr". Similarly, I'm avilable (sometimes) on freenode, as "rndusr". In addition, I sometimes play the voxel sandbox game Minecraft; my username is "rndusr" and I frequent the mc.tildeverse.org server. Finally, I'm also active on the tildeverse NNTP server and mailing lists; my email is randomuser at ~ dot club.

Below is a general stream of blog posts and other writings.