25 january 2021


Emotions are a very interesting and personal concept. Little things can drastically impact our emotional state, and its very easy to let the emotional state decide our actions. That means little things can decide our actions. A very scary proposition indeed. So, how are we supposed to deal with this reality of being alive? It seems like there are a couple options. First, we can try to control our emotions entirely. Second, we can let out emotions control us entirely. And of course, theres an option between the two extremes. Let's discuss the first option.

If we try to control our emotions entirely, there are only two outcome: success or failure. Failure returns us to our current state, so it is irrelevent. At its best success leads to a Vulcan state of being. A life entirely ruled by logic is quite a proposition. It's good for somethings, but it must be a dull existence. Emotions are the spice of living. Without spice, things are always dull. Without emotions life is dull. A dull life isn't bad, but it is not what we are looking for. What about letting out emotions control us entirely?

If we let our emotions control us, there are many more outcomes. The problem with this idea is that the potential outcomes are highly different from one another. Many of them contain outcomes that would have severe negative consequences on our day to day lives. And many of the ones that contain benefits could be attained while controlling emotions. For instance, allowing yourself to fell pure happiness in the moment can be achieved while controlling emotions. It is significantly more difficult, but it is entirely possible if you learn how to do it. In contrast a negative outcome can be devestating. Any kind of emotional urge will be acted on, and we understand the potential negatives involved. This leads me to decide that the negative outcomes outweigh the postive. This only leaves a balance of the two.

If you're reading this, you probably guessed this was the conclusion I would come to. Also thank you very much for reading, don't take this too seriously, and try to pick out any nugget of wisdom you can. I tend to identify with Spock, as in I try to be logical, but emotions take over and it leaves me utterly confused. I take this to mean that my logical brain is more developed than my emotional brain. This imbalance is not inherently bad, but it is something to be worked on. If emotions lie on a spectrum with pure logic on one side, and pure emotion on the other, I would lie somewhere closer to pure logic. The correct balance between the two is highly personal.