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Farewell gopher, Job Search & Millenials

2018-05-08 11:12:00 +0000


This will be my last phlog post. I have decided to mellow down my posts a bit (i.e. make them less depressing LOL) and start posting them on my main blog on the World Wide Web. I think it's time to shed off a few unnecessary, obsolete and irrelevant activities off my life. Unfortunately, one of them is my use of obsolete technology. Sorry, gopher :-(. It was an awesome learning experience though. I had a great time here in gopherland.


Did I mention that I quit my job a little over a month ago? I can't remember if I did. So I finally did that.

So I have been searching for a new job since then and as expected, it has not been very easy. I have had a few failed hopes... but, compared to my experience 2 years ago, I had a few responses versus, well, none... so that is good a thing. I really wanted that job in downtown Toronto. I already had an interview, got shortlisted, etc... but unfortunately the company went for someone else. I was not surprised. Any jobs downtown are very competitive. Then there is this one position way farther -- all the way in Scarborough -- which will not be too bad if I get it only because it's one of the major banks and the pay is great... I already had interviews, had background checks, did tests, etc... but unfortunately they decided to delay the hiring until June... and now, I'm not even sure if I still want it... so I am moving on. I'm still searching. I usually spend my mornings job searching off job boards, etc. I have been applying like crazy. I have been applying to about 5 jobs per day. I knew this was coming when I quit my job. I wanted to quit so bad I was willing to take this risk. I have always been a risk taker.

So, I have been quite disturbed recently. I do not f$%*n' understand millennials. I have been having challenges in dealing with them. Three of my siblings are millennials. Most people I deal with on social media (I only have 3 - SDF, Mastodon and Twitter) are millennials. I do find common traits among this age group and the ones that I have been having issues with are: narcissism/self-centrism, entitlement and ingratitude. Of course there will always be exceptions. It would be unfair to make a swift generalization over the entire generation. I personally don't think these apply to every millenial out there. I can deal with the first two but the last one -- ingratitude -- I find is really hard to deal with and so I have been trying to understand why this generation is such... but hey, every generation has a problem... and every generation usually has some kind of dislikes towards another generation. So, I have been doing a lot of research off the Internet reading articles about millennials lately. Why all of a sudden I blurted this out you might ask? Well, recently (or always), I have been doing a lot of recognition of others' accomplishments, e.g. promoting people on social media, etc., to the point of exhausting myself -- taking so much of my time and effort and guess what? --- I did not get a "thank you". That is really all I want in return. It's nice to be appreciated. It's sad but I have to understand the new generation and just suck it up. I think it's time to put a stop on whatever it is I'm doing.

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