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An Ideal Summer Night

2018-06-30 01:07:32 +0000


What would be an ideal summer night for me?

When I was a lot younger, my friends would pick me up at home then we would go to this very popular ice cream shop in Port Credit in Mississauga. That place used to be so crowded during summer nights; it is still crowded these days. The ice cream place is called "Dairy Cream". After getting our ice cream, we would then drive towards the lake shore, find a nice spot to sit (usually on top of some big rocks since the lake shore was mostly rocks in that area) and enjoy our delicious ice cream. We would then talk for hours. After finishing up our ice cream, most of the time, we would then head towards downtown Toronto to go clubbing, usually at the now defunct Boots, our favourite club.

Now that is my ideal summer night. I really miss doing this with my friends. Unfortunately we all parted ways now. I guess that is prone to happen as we grow older. I really wish I kept in touch with them. I blame myself for letting that happen.

I will try to write something everday even if it is short. I will use this site to give me an idea what to write about.

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