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2018-10-25 04:22:57 +0000


So I just found out today that Google indexes my gopher site! That is not good. I really don’t want to be all over the web for various reasons.

Hmmm… What did I do today?

I worked. I work in downtown Toronto now in the financial district. It takes me about an hour and 10 minutes one way to get there. I promised myself never to reveal the type of work that I do and the name and type of company I work for. Some people I interact with on a regular basis online may already know what I do and so I will leave it to that. I just started this new job in the beginning of the month. Honestly, I love the company and the work that I do… except there was one thing I do not like about it… I will keep that a secret.

I take the train everyday… and to get to the train I take the bus. I enjoy taking public transportation to be honest. There is less stress from traffic and driving especially during the winter. I can save more money when I commute and it’s less harmful to the environment.

I got home and did my usual after work stuff – ate dinner, washed the dishes, cleaned Momo’s litter box then enjoyed a cup of coffee. I was listening to DJ zeptar’s really wild livestream on aNONradio while on the crowded train home. That guy is wild! Ha ha. I like him. He is a cool dude.

I did some job searching for a bit. I really want a part time job to boost my income for various reasons.

… and now I’m tired and sleepy. Must go to bed.

Good night.

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