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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - Ep 574 - 2019/02/19

2019-02-19 02:26:00 +0000

#playlists #anonradio #alternativeRock #indietronica #noiseRock

Music of the Members of the SDF Public Access UNIX System - Vol 1: Discogs | SDF Fundraiser Store

Music of the Members of the SDF Public Access UNIX System - Vol 3: Discogs | SDF Fundraiser Store

Download the audio recording from the aNONradio.net archives

Gene - Truth, Rest Your Head
Crystal Castles - Crimewave
The Flaming Lips - Silver Trembling Hands
R.E.M. - Bang and Blame
Carole Pope - Lesbians in The Forest
The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
Björk - Pluto
篠原ともえ [Shinohara Tomoe] - お祭りマンボ [Omatsuri mambo]
Cibo Matto - The Candy Man
Tim Opie - Ex-tream*
POLYSICS - Coelakanth Is Android
Red Martian - Your Computer*
Sonic Youth - Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style
Schweitzer - soundexp**
White Ring - Roses

In this episode I played tracks from "The Music of the Members of the SDF Public Access UNIX System" a.k.a. "SDF Music Compilations" - volumes 1 and 3.

  • * - from Volume 1
  • ** - from Volume 3
These CDs can be ordered from the SDF Fundraiser Store. Please also visit our very own SDF member smj's band Red Martian's Bandcamp site.

One very interesting find --- "soundexp" by Schweitzer, the track from the SDF Music Compilation CD - Vol. 1 that I played in this episode, was created with one of the world's strangest musical instruments - the bikelophone - and was featured in a blog - Music for Bicycles: Ensembles, Symphonies, and Bikelophones" by Peter Kirn through CDM.

Stephen Schweitzer's "bikelophone"

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