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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - Ep 779 - 2020/03/31

2020-03-31 02:59:00 +0000

#playlists #anonradio #ebm #minimalWave

Clock DVA

The Art of Stargazing - Precision Field
Nothing's Set in Stone - The Tear Garden
Control - Plastic Noise Experience
Paradiessiets - Cyberaktif
Don't Crash (Dark Side American Crash Mix) - Front 242
The Hacker (1988) - Clock DVA
Kill It With Fire - Prometheus Burning
Moscú Está Helado - Esplendor Geométrico
Cannibal Dolls - Land of Giants
Dancing On the Berlin Wall - Rational Youth
Made in Russia - CCCP
Hungry Cannibal - Vomito Negro
March Of The Fuckheads - Nine Inch Nails

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