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2020-06-05 05:29:00 +0000

#personal #i_hate_sdf_and_anonradio #anonradio

Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2020 05:29:11 +0000
From: snowdusk
To: anonradio-l @ SDF.ORG
Subject: OpenMic Rules of Thumb & 'Stream Hogging'

Hello anonradio fans... esp. openmic DJs...

Guess what? It looks like someone forgot to disconnect from OpenMic again and so, no one could stream on openmic tonight. I don't think it's deliberate.. unless Savonet user is trying to make a political statement IDK. Ha ha.

Just a reminder to make sure you disconnect from OpenMic after you stream. There are other users who enjoy streaming on openmic, learning and testing icecast, etc.

I think it's time we implement the half hour time limit per openmic DJ because this keeps happening. Please be mindful of other users who may be interested in openmic'ing. I think the "usual acceptable" rule of thumb in openmic on anonradio is connect > stream for 15, 30 minutes (or less) > disconnect (even though no one is expressing intent to stream - you shld disconnect to let others, esp. shy ones who will most likely not tell everyone they will stream... to stream... don't ask around if anyone wants to stream so you can disconnect... just disconnect) > wait > reconnect (if no one connects, by all means, stream again) > go back to first step. Also, it would be nice if the openmic DJ could chat on COM (anonradio room) while streaming to interact with listeners, if possible. What do you guys think of this rule of thumb?

... but I still really think time limits should be reinstatated to prevent this from happening again. We had this limits in the past because we have had instances of 'stream hogging' when openmic was really busy. Streaming kind of died down a bit and so the limits were removed and basically ran on honour system - relying on openmic DJs to be mindful of other users.... but this decision is in the hands of our sysadmins... or Supreme DJ Kumata... :-P

what's openmic? Go to https://anonradio.net/openmic for instructions on how to stream on openmic. It's really fun doing openmic.

Thanks for reading and thank you for supporting anonradio!!

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