>> I mix classic and current electronic tunes LIVE on Tilderadio. Listen to me LIVE: Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed - 01:00-02:00 UTC --> https://tilderadio.org

>> I had an Internet radio show on anonradio.net from August of 2015 until June 14, 2020 and so the mixes you see here prior to June 14, 2020 were all livestreamed on anonradio.net.

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2020-06-16 17:47:00 +0000

#personal #i_hate_sdf_and_anonradio #anonradio

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2020 17:47:53 -0400
From: snowdusk
To: Ted Uhlemann
Subject: Re: IGWM cancel

Hi iczer,

It really breaks my heart to hear about smj's Dad. I had no idea. I am very sorry to both of you for leaving anonradio like this. I am very sad leaving anonradio. It's where I belong but I really think I should stick to my decision whether it's wrong or right. If there was more communication between me/other DJs and maybe smj or even one of the admins before it would probably have been different but that is the past. I am so happy that you have been trying to fix openmic last night. One of the SDFers told me. Thank you for trying. There's a couple or even more SDFers really enjoy openmic every night, including myself where I useed to stream DJ Daniel's "Blast From The Past" (playing songs from the 50s & 60s) for half an hour and DJ Kyoko's "DJ Kyoko Time" (playing Japanese punk, noise and rap with Godzilla sound samples everywhere). I make them speech via TTS on my Mac OS X, reading some text files I created. DJ Daniel openmics almost every night, DJ Kyoko just once a week. The audio files are on my Soundcloud and can be downloaded easily:

DJ Daniel's 'Blast From The Past':


DJ Kyoko Time:


... each mix is half an hour only. You can go ahead include these audio files on rotation if you'd like. jwh and papa and other sdfers really enjoyed DJ Daniel's openmic show esp. jwh -- he waits every night for 3 hours for DJ Daniel. DJ Daniel does not have a specific time when to stream. I think he would really appreciate if DJ Daniel's Blast is on rotation.

I can probably download all these audio to my computer and give you a magnetic link so u can easily download them via torrent but I need to find out how.

And YES, please rotate Intergalactic archives. I really appreciate it. You have all my permission. Thank you!

I didnt tell anyone I was DJ Daniel and DJ Kyoko by the way but I am pretty sure people knew it was me.

I do owe anonradio -- anonradio helped me up my self-confidence, improved my knowledge of music and helped me improve my DJ skills. So, I would like to thank you and smj for all your help and for believing in me and for your trust.

Someone must have blurted out tilderadio on com. I told only a very few people but it was just an idea. I have no solid plans of doing a new radio show just yet. I just want to take a break for now but I did join the tilde club. I already had a tilde mbembership 2 yrs ago but just not using it. Focused mainly on SDF. But you know what, SDF is still superior. I would really like to continue my meta membership with SDF and so I will still be around.

I will remove myself from the schedule no problem.

Thank you so much iczer!

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