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>> I had an Internet radio show on anonradio.net from August of 2015 until June 14, 2020 and so the mixes you see here prior to June 14, 2020 were all livestreamed on anonradio.net.

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2020-06-27 02:00:00 +0000

#personal #i_hate_sdf_and_anonradio #anonradio

they have also refunded my SDF voip subscription payment just 2 days ago which I paid on May 1st without any explanation. They don't want me using their services. Hard to accept but I'll be fine with it soon enough. Just one thing I want to say -- if they suspect that I convinced SDF members and anonradio DJs to come with me, they are making a grave assumption. These good people are adults... they did all of these on their own will. I have already deleted my mastodon acct and my website there. I'm glad I have already completed migrating my site to my new home.

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