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2020-06-29 12:27:00 +0000

#personal #i_hate_sdf_and_anonradio #anonradio

So I just found out today from a reliable source (and thank you to you.. you know who you are 🙏), that it looks like I have been removed from the anonradio mailing list as early as June 21st... and this is how I have had no news of what's happening on anonradio since that time... I did not remove myself from this mailing list and I only deactivated my SDF account on Saturday, June 27th.

I have just found out today that 2 DJs have left anonradio (I have heard rumours but I do not believe in rumours until I see them).

Who does that? This just proves how tyrannical that place is and silence ppl who speak up against them or oppose them. How can you entrust your data and privacy to a place like that???

If you have sent me emails to my SDF account or from your SDF account this past week or even the week before that, there is a possibility that the emails have been compromised or may have not reached their intended destination.

If you have an SDF masto account and you were not my follower when my sdf masto account was still active, most likely you will never ever see my public posts, unless of course you search me off the WWW but it would take days for search engines to index my public posts.

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