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2020-07-04 03:02:00 +0000

#personal #i_hate_sdf_and_anonradio #anonradio

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Hi [sdfer],

Don't worry about it. I can understand. I have tried leaving anonradio in good terms and I really thought I did until everything went haywire when the sysadmins (really just smj and iczer) became hostile to me. I originally had no intention of convincing people to leave SDF & anonradio... but recently, that's not been the case anymore. Not everyone knows the full story and that's fine but I do want people who became close to me to hear my side of the story. There will come a time (or maybe it has already happened) that you will hear the SDF's side of the story and so all I ask is you hear my side of the story but I can understand if you don't want to hear it. I will accept it.

Why did I leave anonradio? If you are on the anonradio mailing list you will kind of follow the story. That's where it all started.

About 3 weeeks ago we have had issues with the openmic show... someone was hogging the stream and so no one openmic DJs could connect. we asked for help from admins and made suggestions to limit each openmic DJs stream to half hour and then dont let dj to connect again within 5 minutes to allow others to stream.

One week it was like that. No action from admin. We are used to SDF. We have been trained to be patient. I have been with SDF since 2003 and so in my mind it's always been an (expensive but cool) hobby. I don't want to say this of course out in the open. It would scare ppl away if they believed me. SDF just happend to get so big. Which is awesome! i have always supported and promoted SDF.

One week has passeed, admin fixed openmic... BUT with a joke that was not funny.

You could openmic but only up to 15 minutes and then if you go over your IP gets banned on anonradio. Only admins can remove the ban.

So that was totally different from what we requested. I knew it was a joke. smj has always put his jokes on us DJs. He has always subjected us DJs to his jokes.

Then, I found out archive titles/headings for 2 new DJs were different on the archives page... "The Capacitance" insstead of "The Resistance"... and "Koyu's Rock Pile" instead of "Koyu's Rock Show"... I knew this was also smj's work... another joke.

That's when I've decideed to give up and quit.

This has been happening for 5 yrs... since the time I have been a dj on anonradio. The anonradio "semi admin" smj gave me was actually more like forced to me because there was that time when I made suggestions for improvements on the mailing list... other djs then followed... smj got annoyed bec there were so many requests, he then responded to the mailing list with an angry/annoyed tone, "from now on snowdusk is the administrator you tell him your requests" (something to this effect).... i was upset at that time, but at the end i started liking 'semi administering' anonradio (really just the wordpress site) so I was thankful smj trusted me for it... but in reeality, i only had access to the anonradio worrdpress site setting up new djs WP access for their blogs... i still did not have access to iicecast which we needed to fix things if there are issues... we still had to go to smj to fix icecast... I admit that was my fault... I really did not ask for the icecast admin priv bec I was just not too confident to meddle with it.

Anyway, for 5 yrs more jokes have been played on DJs and I just shut my mouth. There were 2 djs that got booted out for speaking up due to the issues.

I left in good terms. iczer one of the admin even asked my permission to stream my past shows on rotation. I even kept my timeslot there but with "REWIND" in the show title.

a few days after, they dropped the timeslot, they deleted my achives from their archives page, they removed me from the anonradio mailinst list, they removed my sdf mastodon moderator priv, they removed my sdf voip subscription they refunded a payment i made in may 1st just a few days ago (did not want me using their services) with no explanation, no communication. I talked to a close friend who also used to DJ on anonradio and left anonradio for issues with admins -- and he told me that this could be a sign that i would get booted out of SDF and get deleted. they kept my meta bec i am paid until dec and they probably would not want to refund me for it.

Why did they do all these? No communication from them whatsoever about why.... but I think they thought that i convinced anonradio DJs to move to tilderadio and sdf members to move to tilde... I repeatedly deny on my live show on tilderadio that there was no such thing as an exodus from sdf to tilde... i even encouraged them keeping 2 pubnix accts bec 2 is better than one. at that time i did not know what they just did to me - i was out of the loop because they removed me from the mailing list. I did know that at that time 2 djs have already quit. and i think this was the time iczer and smj started their hostility against me... I never asked any anonradio djs to quit anonradio nor asked them to join tilde because i thought SDF was still a good place and i know some djs would probably prefer to stay on anonradio AND i know sdf was capable of retaliation against anyone who become competition and i did not want them to delete my sdf meembership bec i wanted to remain as meta member.

evereything changed of course after i found out what they did to me.

and then last Sunday i posted on mastodon that i woke up angry at SDF/anonradio.

they banned my IP on sdf and anonradio... they probably thought i was going to hack them. I am no hacker. I am just a posseur but i know a bit from googling and copying and pasting but that was it and smj knew this!

anyway, that is my story. sorry for the long response. I just want ppl to know what they are up against if they remain or join sdf... they will be OK if they keep their mouth shut, not complaining or speaking up. If they love SDF so much, sure, stay, just don't mind the sysadmins' authoritarian grip... if they can do that.

But how could you entrust your data, privacy, all your hard work on your projects, etc. to a place like this? ... well, I guess maybe I am forgetting that SDF is just really a big a** BBS / expensive personal hobby...

I have made a mistake of putting all my eggs into one basket. I felt really betrayed. I was disposable for them even after everything I've done for them for 5 years, working for them, promoting them, for free.

Thank you [sdfer] for listening and I'm sorry for all the whining.

You and [snipped] have always been very kind to me and I just want to let you know how grateful I am -- how much I appreciated all your support -- moral, emotional, the thoughts, everything.

I am hoping that you and [snipped] can continue tuning into my live show on tilderadio and interact with me and others on IRC... but I know it's late so listening from the archives is fine too :-D

... but I can understand the strangeness of the disconnect --- anonradio versus tilderadio... with all your stuff on SDF, why listen to tilderadio? -- i can understand this so if you decide to focus solely on anonradio I will understand....

You probably would not want the drama I've caused in your already very busy/hectic life so that's another reason I have in mind. I have actually been trying to avoid talking about the sdf/anonradio vs me topic anywhere these days because I am slowly getting over it now.

Thanks [sdfer]!


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