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2020-07-06 06:59:00 +0000

#personal #i_hate_sdf_and_anonradio #anonradio

I have been asked by many why I left anonradio and why I am very upset about them... and here is your answer.

SDF and anonradio has treated me with disrespect, disposed of me like a garbage, completely erased me from their history --- even after all the great things I've done for them in the past 5 years. They had shown zero appreciation of the hard work I have done for them, all for free.

They have shown nothing but hostility to me since I left anonradio... and so I have no regret of returning the same favour to them.

I am hoping that after you have read my posts, you will now understand why I have come to hate SDF and anonradio.

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