0x004: How can I help others?

Recently I have felt the urge to give back to the communities that have helped me get to where I am today. I find myself on twitch watching people trying to break into the offensive security field and wondering what I can do to help them. Sure, I could hire them, but many times they are too new even for that.

Right now, I just drop some subs in their chat and cheer them on but there has to be more that I can do that’s not just throwing money at them.

This is definitely something I am going to be thinking of this weekend.

0x003: That did not last long

It was really bothering me how much the hugo solution was way over done. At the end of the day, I just want to write content in markdown and have it converted to html with a super minimal stylesheet.

A new challenger has appeared: pandoc

Most of the time, there is a super simple way to do your super simple task. To accomplish my goal, I just took the HTML that I had from the hugo output and turned it into a template by adding the $body$ variable within the body tag and done.

pandoc -s --template=template.html index.md -o public_html/index.html

0x002: Hugo to the Rescue

Editing html is fine but there are better options these days. Enter hugo.

I am way over-engineering this problem and I should prob just hack together a simple shell script to do this but laziness wins again. At least this will result in more blog posts for now.

0x001: Chat Ban Colors

Used weechat for the first time. I am only used to using irssi but weechat is pretty nice. Going to add that to my bag of tricks for sure.

I got banned from the tilde.club server on day one! I wonder if that is a record? In the end it was all my fault. I moved my ssh config from one box to another and didn’t change the paths so it wasn’t even being used. Classic… After three bad attempts, I was auto-banned and had to get an admin to help out. Making great first impressions, sqglz. /smh

Finally, while I like the color scheme of the main site, using it doesn’t really set you apart and it’s not really my vibe. I need those cyberpunk colors. :)

0x000: And So It Begins

Today begins the first day of my tilde.club membership. The goal? Provide as much value as I can to the awesome community of people here. Anything I produce to assist the tildeverse, I will post about on this page. Here’s to what will likely be a ton of fun with some cool, like-minded people.