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I'm available for commissions!

About me

I'm a French computer science student looking for work in IT.

I have extensive knowledge in TypeScript and JavaScript since 2018, especially in the Node.js ecosystem. I have been using GNU+Linux operating systems since 2019, with good experience in the following distributions:

I'm proficient with the Nix package manager and with Docker. Additionally, I've been researching supply chain security for a while. I can probably help make your software a bit more secure!

Also, I know a fair bit about SQL databases, MongoDB, Bash, Mkdocs, Express, Lit and Electron.

I put an emphasis on clean code, using standard software developement principles (DRY, KISS, etc). I enjoy writing minimalist, efficient and secure code. I'm dynamic, autonomous and willing to learn any technology in your stack!

I have experience making and maintaining:

But I can work on pretty much anything!

I speak French (N) and English (C1).

If you need somebody to work on your project, or if you think I could fit in your team, feel free to reach out to me at (my username) - Thanks!



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