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<<fsyoutube_jump giabKrcdNj8 743>>Flying is crazy.\n\nThere's a lot to see from the air. I try to go when I can, but I'm not made of money. I'm incredibly lucky to fly at all, and I hope to continue to be safe.\n\n[[Get back on the ground.|Landing]]\n\n
Looking Up
[[Start]]\n[[The Ground]]\n[[The Maze]]\n[[El DeBarge]]\n[[Zeppelin]]\n[[Erie]]\n[[Grooves]]
<<fsyoutube_jump giabKrcdNj8 150>>So both of my parents were pilots, and so was my grandfather, my mom's dad.\n\nI started taking lessons last year, and managed to finally get a license. It was probably one of the more challenging things that I've ever done.\n\nNow is probably a good time to turn down the volume.\n\n[[When you're ready, take off!|Take Off]]
<<fsyoutube_jump giabKrcdNj8 3235>>Learning to land a plane is an integrated procedure, and you just have to get into the groove of it. Hopefully I'll keep getting better.\n\n[[Grooves]]
<<fsyoutube yA9WhYnsD_4>> I guess everyone has a romanticism about the music of their childhood. It wasn't too long before I started to define myself by emphatically not listening to certain music.\n\n[[Taste|Zeppelin]]
<<fsyoutube aABs7BqDnlU>> I love this tree in my yard. On a nice breezy day I can stare at it for hours, looking up at the leaves, and feeling my attention settle on nothing in particular.\n[[Looking down can be great too.|The Ground]]\n\n\n
<<fsyoutube m9joBLOZVEo>>When I was a kid, I did spend a lot of time indoors too... messing with the Commodore.\n[[And listening to pop music.|El DeBarge]]
<<fsyoutube XWAFzPoShRw>>I guess a lot of kids went through a Zeppelin stage.\n\nIf you haven't I do recommend it. I hardly ever listen to them anymore.\n\nOf course not too long after this came Nirvana for me, and the downfall of Western Civilization, or whatever.\n\n[[I also spent a lot of time around the lake.|Erie]]\n
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<<fsyoutube_jump EPWyTBUYolo 70>>I have to remember that looking back is a groove you can get into. For better or worse. It is good to look back, but it is important to look forward. \n\nI miss so many moments from when I was younger, but I can't forget that I'm going to be older, and now is the time that I'll be thinking about then.
<<fsyoutube f9vpxA6VVl8>>Sailing. Roller coasters. Fishing. Ferries. Islands.\n\nThis was one of my mom's favorite spots. She died about ten years after this was filmed. She always wanted to snag some driftwood to make something out of it.\n\nThere's an expensive hotel at this spot now, and I've only driven past it since then.\n\n[[She was a pilot.|Flying]]\n\n[[She was also a musician.|Grooves]]
<<fsyoutube kbbtPxcF0uM>>An endless maze of stalks, flickering, shifting, popping... is it the wind?\n\n<pre>\n \s_/\n '-0-'\n --0--\n .-0-.\n</pre>\n\n[[The Maze]]