Date: Mar 2, 2006, 5:07 PM
Subject: New Club

So, the name I've had in mind for the club is a bit strange but that's because the club is strange..

_Dark Matters

"Explores counter- and sub-culture through member-contributed lessons, presentations, and open discussion. Also focuses on raising awareness about humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights issues."

Basically, the idea would be to have a different topic for each meeting. The first meeting would be more introductory (led by me) wherein I would clarify as best as I can what 'counter- and sub-culture' are and what the club's all about. I would have material and a lesson prepared for every meeting in case noone else volunteers to lead. I'm pretty sure I would be the one leading most meetings, which is completely fine, but I want it to be non-hierarchical so that other members have the option of leading a discussion/lesson. I believe that people are more interested in and learn more from visual, audio, and hands-on/presentational accompaniments as opposed to sheets of text, and so another aspect of the club would be that we would watch video clips, listen to music, pass around artwork, etc. which pertain(s) to the topic. Some lessons would be all 'hands on', others completely discussion-based, and others a mix of the two. I would be willing to track down and bring in whatever materials are needed for lessons ( i.e. is there are no overheads in the room, cd player, etc.) We would discuss everything from politics to music to philosophy to bizarre news. The main purpose of the club would be to encourage open-mindedness and raise awareness about abnormality and the underground scene. In a sense, it's sorta like what would happen if Debate Club, Amnesty, Diversity Club, Art Club, and a Music & Movies Club were all fused into one with a twist of obscurity.