What I use(d)



Maybe in the future:

My recommendations for you

Operating systems

If it's possible, use OpenBSD or 9front. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, use FreeBSD.

Linux is not as well designed as BSD. And Plan 9 is the best OS if you need several devices to work together as a single entity. In case you still need Linux (e.g. for gaming or Windows compatibility), you can virtualise it using qemu, vmm(4) or vmx(1). Also, Wine is available on FreeBSD.


Not afraid of the terminal, can read docs:

I want to delete dbus and polkit:

I want to develop my own distro:

and read Linux from Scratch & Beyond Linux from scratch.



You should use some variation of TeX (LaTeX, XeTeX, LuaTeX, ConTeXt, etc.) for tech heavy works. Otherwise, write stuff in Markdown or some variation of roff (troff, nroff, etc.)


Use UTF-8, the only sane text encoding.

Text editors

If you want to quickly edit some text and don't want to learning anything, use micro.

If you want to use your mouse efficiently, use acme. A comfortable 3-button mouse recommended.

If you want to stop using your mouse, you should probably learn vi. After that, choose between neovim and vis. The first is compatible with Vim plugins, the second is using structular regular expressions. Both have Lua scripting support.

If you want your editor to be an operating system, learn Emacs. You can try mg instead.

Web browsers

Overall, the best browser right now is Pale Moon. It has the best extensions (based on the old Firefox ones), the most configurability, opensource, very fast and resource-efficient, but there is one problem. One of the developers is crazy, and he was a source of conflicts. It's good news he decided to leave the team.