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This is my corner of thoughts, rants, ideas and generally, anything I happend to be into. Feel free to follow along in my journey through the world of ideas.

About me:
My name is Ariana Ghasemzade Asl. I’m 29 years old from Tehran, Iran.

I graduated TMU with M.A in Dramatic Literature in 2022. Since then, because of my decade long personal interest in technology, I have been studying and making tiny projects in web development, FOSS programs, teaching and content creation.

I am also a composer and a musician. I have composed scores for many theatrical works while I was a student and also several pictures, including the cinematic work “The Sixth Day”.

My personal musical taste ranges from medieval music, baroque, classical, metal and contemporary music.

I have already released an album, Devenir with my band Vitruvian in 2022. Below you will find a link to our official website, also hosted here on tilde.team thanks to ben.

I can usually be found on different platforms under a variation of the alias “Woland”, usually “Wolandark”.

I have also been fairly active on gemini, a simple w3 alternative.
My gemini capsul contains my unconventional writings and occasionally rants.

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