Departure From the Gallery

Originally released 19 June 2022

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I have stopped posting artworks on DeviantART for several years now. This post however, finally makes it official: I'm leaving DeviantART.

This is the last drawing I'm submitting there, intentionally made with cheap silhouettes as my departure piece. But that doesn't mean I'm going to stop making art really: as you already seen here, I have made and posted several. If you have an old URL of any specific drawing I posted there, you can replace the,, or part with; and it will lead you to the correct place.

With this site, you may subscribe to an Atom feed to follow my artwork updates- just like the old gallery RSS feed there but more reliable. Of course, my original art pieces are still freely-licensed as they have been.

You might ask why I left: the most important reason, as you probably already guessed, was the rollout of DeviantART Eclipse: a redesign that makes the site become unusable under a non-modern no-JavaScript browser configuration I normally use. Artwork downloads were also changed to member-only in the process, which voided one of the free content licenses I use (GNU GPL), and defeated the point of freely-licensing my artworks in the first place.

There were smaller reasons too, which they also added up: from DeviantART dropping SVG submission support, disabling anonymous view of those so-called mature content, making endless scrolling a default browsing choice (and only choice for years), leaving interoperability feature like RSS feed half-baked, dumbing down the search feature, ripping away all the categorizations, to misrepresenting my sex information on my profile.

For all these reasons, especially the first two, I could not realistically use that site for my art purposes for any longer; and that led to my apparent hiatus there. All of my artworks already posted there would still remain up there for at least some time being, and will also link to itself on this site.

DeviantART was once a great theme-neutral art gallery site that was accessible, browsable, with pieces individually downloadable anonymously, all without pesky JavaScript; and also accepted the libre SVG vector format. They were the reasons I registered back in 2014, now these goodies were long gone.

After several years of trekking in the nigh endless realm of cyberspace like nomads, I stumbled upon this remote corner of the Internet, abandoned by the modern web. And here is the place I decided to settle down, built it up as my new humble artistic abode; where my new journey with my trusty virtual easel have begun, once again.

The character on the left was last seen in Knotted Mess, and the character on the right was last seen in Sunset of Cyber Wasteland.

Copyright © 2022 xwindows
This is a free illustration, you can modify and/or redistribute it under:

Note: If you need the 4:3 version, just crop for middle part of this drawing.

P.S. The progress bar on the sign and the background are actually inspired by a real public art gallery I have visited.

20 June 2022 edit: Minor grammar edit, added a cross-post link and a note on missing categorization.


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