Glowing Filament

Originally released 8 March 2017

#incandescent #lightbulb #filament #electricity #closeup

A close-up view of traditional incandescent light bulb.

This one is a very simplistic piece: my another attempt at glowy things, doused with heavy abuse of Gaussian blur. In the end, it seems to turn out okay, but I can't shake a feeling that the bulb looks... plastic?

Anyway, this is the quickest piece I have ever submitted: the drawing time spanned only for 2 days; in contrast to something like Ethereal Voices, which took me 8 months to complete.

Copyright © 2017 xwindows
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Though this was drawn for 16:9 aspect ratio, extra care was taken to make it look reasonably good on 4:3. If you need the 4:3 version, just crop for the middle part of this drawing.


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