Illumination Apparatus

Originally released 28 November 2021

#incandescent #flashlight #electricity

Before LEDs, there were halogen bulbs...

This is another nostalgia drawing, though not a very high-effort one; what you are seeing here is an old camping flashlight I used to use. It uses a halogen bulb powered by a sealed lead-acid battery (I don't remember that it was 6 V or 12 V battery), chargeable by plugging in an AC adapter's barrel jack at the bottom of its handle.

This flashlight was very bright, rivaling a motorcycle's headlight; however, its battery was fickle. I couldn't quite figure out an optimal discharge depth, so it ran through batteries like candies. And when its second battery finally gave up the ghost, no one bothered to buy another battery for it, so it went into storage. To be honest, I kinda miss the yellowish warm light it gave; compared to the bluish-cold tone of LED flashlights that is the norm today.

Art-wise, this piece got its simplicity from Glowing Filament and painting techniques from Soggy Teabag. It is drawn from memory rather than a reference as I was not in a mood to dig its box out of a dusty storeroom; which is probably the reason it came out more geometric than I would like. But as a drawing I started on a whim and finished in less than a week; I think it is decent enough, considering the circumstances.

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Though this is drawn for 16:9 aspect ratio, extra care was taken to make it look reasonably good on 4:3. If you need the 4:3 version, just crop for middle part of this drawing.

29 November 2021 edit: Added aspect ratio note, removed extraneous punctuation.


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