Shaky Cameraboy

Originally released 25 June 2022

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It's gonna blur! It's gonna blur!! It's gonna blurRRR!!!

This is my second original personification (gijinka) character that I have posted any artwork on: Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD digital bridge camera; here he is being a real uncooperating piece of work when taking photographs under this sort of low-light condition. I could clearly imagine the kid's nervous squeal in my head when drawing this.

Visible on-screen settings are, from right to left, top to bottom: manual mode, multi-spot metering mode, custom white balance, 10 megapixel resolution, normal JPEG quality, ISO 400 sensitivity, 1/15 sec shutter speed, f/3.5 aperture.

This guy used to be my family's camera; but as everyone else eventually moved on to better cameras, he ended up being entrusted to me. It used to be hopeless to take any usable photo with this camera when the Blur warning icon appeared on the OSD (i.e. calculated shutter speed is lower than 1/50 sec at 1x zoom level). Equipped with the owner's manual and techniques from various digital photography handbooks; I eventually managed to unlock his full potential with manual mode, and have taken pictures that could outshine ones shot vis-a-vis by another amateur wielding an actual DSLR.

In drawing this, I am not well-versed with wrinkles on the clothing to be honest; had to redo it several times. The characters' animesque looks are totally intentional on the other hand. This is my first time using tilted perspective, which made the scene look more dynamic; and I will openly admit that this is the first time I have properly drawn nose pads on characters' glasses too. (How embarrassing)

I will call this kid Cameron Fujiyama (藤山 キャメロン FUJIYAMA, Kyameron) in case I need to refer to him later; also beware that his look might be deceiving: at 14 years old, he is actually very old for a digital camera. The regular character in the back was last seen in Sunset of Cyber Wasteland and Ethereal Voices.

Lastly, it goes without saying that I'm not affiliated with Fujifilm Corporation.

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