Soggy Teabag

Originally released 15 September 2017

#steaming #tea #teatime #teabag #mug #pencil #electronics #journal #notebook #afternoon #table

A simple afternoon tea. Never mind those silly prints on the mug.

Another relatively simple drawing, made in the same vein as Ticking Forward. Though this time, objects were drawn without stoke lines, and I didn't hesitate to use SVG blur filters on shadows and steam.

This also marks my first attempt to draw food (or drink for that matter), and I'm feeling quite proud as it looked like the whole thing came out of a 3D CGI scene. However, I did have a hard time making the tray's surface look remotely shiny, so it kind of ended up looking like a cheap aluminium tray rather than the intended stainless steel one.

Anyway, in case you are curious, writing in the journal is a note to myself on how to combine multiple reset signals for CMOS 4xxx chips via diode logic.

Copyright © 2017 xwindows
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Note: This was originally drawn in 4:3 aspect ratio, and got expanded to 16:9. If you need a 4:3 version, just crop for the center or the rightmost part of this drawing.

7 July 2021 edit: Fixed typo.


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