The Adventure Gone South

Originally released 7 July 2021

#gijinka #personification #lifeboat #ship #sinking #disaster #fire #sunny #afternoon #daytime #sea #ocean

Sydney is probably still not getting over the fact that his fancy cruise trip is no more...

This is my second fanart ever released, featuring characters from Southern Cross webcomic which are personifications (gijinka) of capital city from states in Australia. Characters are, from left to right:

This artwork got the inspiration from the time that this webcomic migrated out of Smack Jeeves webcomic hosting- its original home, due to undesirable, user-hostile changes that took place there, a year before it eventually closed down; lending this an escape from a sinking ship theme.

This drawing holds the record on number of characters I have crammed into one frame so far, and it is also my first publicly-posted drawing with female characters. I kind of hoped they are not acting too much out-of-character, but some of them probably do.

Southern Cross copyright © 2011-2021 Torino/Monty, their rights reserved.
Artwork copyright © 2021 xwindows, released under:

This is a fan art of non-free work, reuse at your own risk.

Note: Though this was drawn for 16:9 aspect ratio, extra care was taken to make it look reasonably good on 4:3. If you need the 4:3 version, just crop for the middle part of this drawing.


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