RSS, the best news subscription way

While searching the internet I came across RSS, now I wish I had known about it earlier. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, which allows you to subscribe to pages and other feeds. What if you want to use RSS? Well, first you need to download the RSS reader software, don't worry, there are plenty of clients for every platform. Here are some of my favourites.

Feeder for android
Liferea for Linux
Newsboat for terminal

Downloaded? it's time to add some subscriptions. RSS is mostly XML file, ATOM even JSON. Just add the address and the feed should update.

Here are some feed examples from web services
YouTube | ID)
Invidious (YouTube frontend) | https://(instance)/feed/channel/(Channel ID)
LBRY/Odysee |$/rss/(Channel ID)
Librarian (LBRY/Odysee frontend) | https://(instance)/(Channel ID)/rss
GabTV |
PeerTube (Local feed) | https://(instance)/feeds/videos.xml?sort=-publishedAt&isLocal=true
PeerTube (Channel) | https://(instance)/feeds/videos.xml?videoChannelId=(Channel ID)
BitChute |
Nitter (Twitter frontend) | https://(instance)/(username)/rss
Nitter (Twitter frontend - media only) | https://(instance)/(username)/media/rss