When to compliment woman

So, the world has gone further, much and intentionally further, to hell. I am unable to engage with it to the point where I needed medical help. I have obviously helped where I can, but that’s a trivial contribution. Everyone I speak to about this seems to be able to think about it. I just can’t. So I will just not, and will rely upon those around me to point out that I am actually about to be vaporized or whatever instead of needing to assess how like it is at any and EVERY given moment.

To the subject. The answer is “don’t”. If you need elaboration, I think, and this is obviously for the straight males (I don’t do gender word games) – only compliment a woman on something you would feel comfortable complimenting another straight male on. Anything else is, by default, creepy. And unless you are well on your way to being acquainted, or are already receiving compliments back of a personal nature, just … don’t.

You really have no idea how often otherwise pleasant interactions with males end up being stressful and aggressive for woman. So, much beyond ‘Great shoes’ really needs for there to be a pre-existing connection.