Unfounded faith in incremental improvement

I have unfounded faith in incremental improvement. Here I’m talking about the little things you do to try to sort out your life. For me it is this long laundry list of little projects and habbits I’m trying to establish or complete. The unfounded-ness here is that I very rarely if every complete these things, or indeed make major progress.

But what I have found is that these little activities with little initial and very near term following step are the only way to ‘pick myself up’ from the doldrums. It rarely matters where these steps take me, but you need to move. So, while my faith is unfounded regarding the improvement, I think based upon how I am usually able to recover that I have faith in my faith. Ignore the improvement, do the task. Doing gets you moving. Practice in the meditative sense is 99% of the value.

Yes, you are reading one of these little steps.