Melbourne Radio

I haven’t lived in Melbourne for about a decade an a half, but still find myself trying to decide which of the independent radio stations I identify with.

I have bookmarks to the following stations that I irregularly stream, though these are the only streams I stream. This is done usually during the wee-hours of their schedule, so I tend to hear the more nocturnal, trance-stuff. This might be a stylistic choice for them.

The stations in question? Well, going in the order they exist in my toolbar:

This ordering seems to be from according to some vague, indirect sorting I have regarding how mainstream versus primarily community/social awareness they are. Again, I tend to listen to them when they’re playing exactly the sort of stuff I like, but I seem to really want to know which one I ‘identify with’. That’s strange, isn’t it? What on Earth does the random radio station I listen to have to do with my identity?

Should I, for example, take on board how they describe themselves? Or is it sufficient to use my own project of their values? I’ll come out and say the 3CR is definitely a social cause with a radio station, not the other way around, so I can sometime feel like I’m not strong enough to tow the line or whathaveyou, but that obviously says more about me that the station.

There are no doubt interpersonal machinations going on within the production of these stations which, like sausages, would change my perspective of them. My I am meticulously devoid of any of these insights. I only hear what they project, and I them project what I feel about them as institutions and also obviously as individual people putting out this stuff.

In a time where billionaires are shooting themselves into space for four minutes and congratulating everyone who paid for it, and complaining that it is so hard to spend the amount of money they’ve amassed so they HAVE to go into space, I just want to go on the record as saying I literally love these radio stations, and I literally love the each and every one of the volunteers that run them.

What a blessing.

You can try to smash that LIKE/BELL ICON if you like, I guess? There isn’t one, though. Do please sent me message at though if … you want to? Maybe you listen to community radio. Maybe you live in Melbourne.

Neither of our worth’s will be impactrd whether you do or don’t, but thanks for the effort, honestly.

ps. I think it’s PBS.